El Capitan on December 6th, 2012

I really consider Ft. Lauderdale, FL the Venice of south Florida with the many canals paralleling so many streets in Ft. Lauderdale the waterfront property is everywhere. Many of the waterfront property have deep water access, even from west of I95.

Find some of the best waterfront property for sale in Ft Lauderdale, FL, click on the following link below:


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El Capitan on October 23rd, 2012

Do NOT let your yacht get frozen in the slip! Now is the time to haul your boat down south and have it ready to go when you want to zip down and cruise the Florida Keys for the weekend, or hang at the flats in Miami for the afternoon.

We list many boat hauling and yacht transporting companies from around the country, as well as south Florida on www.FtLauderdaleBoating.com and www.SailMiami.com:



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El Capitan on October 12th, 2012

The beauty of fishing in Florida for me is that here in south Florida the Gulf Stream is just a couple of miles offshore here in Ft. Lauderdale, and therefore the Gulf Stream is just minutes away from many of our marinas and anchorages here. Even on a sailboat we can cruise out Port Everglades Inlet and be in the Gulf Stream in just an hour or less, most of the time.

The Gulf Stream is teaming with fun to catch, and good to eat, game fish most of the time, year round. It is always good to know where the fish are migrating and moving to, and the most effective ways to catch the fish you desire, so a commercial fishing charter captain or fishing guide is worth the money. The sportfishing charter business is huge and very competitive in Florida, especially in south Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. Here on www.FtLauderdaleBoating.com we have many charter companies and captains’ information, and websites listed:


Besides the offshore and Gulf Stream sportfishing, here in south Florida we also have Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon, Bass, etc. trophy fish teaming inshore all over Florida. Many times with these fish you don’t have to leave the comfort and protection of the marsh, rivers and creeks. For many of these inland, in shore fish you don’t even need a boat. You can catch these fish and have a blast doing it from the shore.

Catching some of these fish may even be profitable for the angler. Watch the short video below:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists are now marking Large Mouth Bass greater than 8 pounds with a dart tag, and anglers can redeem tags for a cash reward. The data will be used to evaluate statewide average catch and harvest rates of trophy Bass and to make better management decisions to increase trophy catches. Multiple tagging studies are conducted by several different agencies. Not all tags can be returned for a cash reward, but all tag information is of scientific value and it highly recommended for the betterment of the fishing to increase that an angler report all tagged fish caught, please.

The wire tagging begins when a biologist measures a Florida Large Mouth Bass. Next the biologist inserts a dart tag under the scales and anchors it behind some small bones in the back of the fish. Anglers who catch a fish with a yellow dart tag, should please call 850-363-6037, with all of the information. (Their name and contact info, the tag number, where the fish was caught, the bass’ length – and if available, girth and weight – the date caught, and whether it was released) The tagging and rewards are happening now, but the FWC is constantly working to improve your Bass fishing. So beginning in October, 2012 log on to TrophyCatchFlorida .com for an exciting new angler recognition program!

So please, keep our waters clean. Be a responsible and mature fisherman, yachtsman, sailor and mariner, and get outside and have fun!

Check out the fishing charters we have on www.SailMiami.com also:


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El Capitan on February 13th, 2012

Now hiring. Job opening. Positions open. Skilled USCG licensed captain needed.

There are many jobs open for skilled and qualified people here in the U.S.A. We publish some web pages that list marine job openings:


First, is it a job that can be done on line, from any where in the world, on a computer, like writing this blog/article? No. I can write and publish this information from any where in the world, from any computer in the world.


The captain (operator of a motor or sailing yacht or ship) cannot be outsourced overseas, over the computer or telephone line in Bangladesh. The operator of a motor or sailing yacht or ship must be a commercial licensed operator, and should be a skilled commercial captain. It cannot be done over the computer, or the telephone line from any where in the world, or over the “Net,” by satellite in the Philippines, at least not yet.



You must have experience on the water, as crew member at least, then you may take some written examinations and physical examinations, and obtain your USCG commercial license:


One may have a license but do they know what they are doing? The danger of an inexperienced, unqualified, or just irresponsible operator of a sailing vessel / cruise ship may end up like this:

video platform
video management
video solutions
video player

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El Capitan on February 3rd, 2012

The cost for repairing your vessel can be much lower even with the price of parts going up. Whether you are just polishing & detailing the exterior of your yacht, or changing the engine oil and filters, or even replacing the engine itself, there are lower priced parts to be found.

If you need rubbing compound or dock lines, life jackets or hose clamps, prices seem to be getting steadily higher. Some prices are even jumping up 50% from one day to the next.

It is fairly common knowledge that regular yacht or boat maintenance will help lower, and may even eliminate yacht or boat repair costs. The challenge is actually keeping up with the yacht maintenance regularly.


There are some companies here in south Florida with highly skilled maintenance & repair personnel that are very reasonably priced, that can help lower, and possibly eliminate the repairs needed on your vessel. Some of these companies will come to where your yacht or boat is located. The following links will take you to some web pages that have the contact information, and website links, for several maintenance and repair companies:




More and more private individuals, and even boat parts and yacht repair companies are opening Ebay “stores,” or just listing boat and yacht parts on line on Ebay at very reasonable prices. Craigs List is also a very web site to check for the boat parts and/or yacht maintenance products that you need. You can just put a key word description of your part or product that you need into the Ebay or CraigsList search bar, or even put the exact part number in the search bar. Some Ebay sellers will negotiate or take a “best offer” which may be a very low price, and even incredibly low compare to the parts store down the road, at the marina or boat yard, and especially compared to a dealer’s price:


Boat Motor Parts on Ebay – Click Here

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El Capitan on November 18th, 2011

When you are looking for the warm and wonderful south Florida location to escape the cold of the north this winter, look for the houseboats in south Florida. One of the most beautiful and easily accessible locations to do everything in, and on the water in south Florida, is Key Largo.



This houseboat is within a mile or so of John Pennekamp State Park, as well as many sportfishing and SCUBA diving companies’ locations.

People are now really starting to plan for their winter get away to south Florida and catch the “big kahuna,” or the big wind, and the big wave at Sebastian Inlet. Sometimes the waves are rideable, and even big around Ft. Lauderdale and even Miami Beach.


The fishing is always good around south Florida. The Gulf Stream is very close and accessable, and since it is such a competitive industry, it tends to be fairly inexpensive all the way down to the Fabulous Florida Keys. The reefs are also amazing in the Florida Keys, and Key Largo is full of competitive charter boats and yachts to take you snorkeling and/or SCUBA diving, as well as sportfishing and sailing.


The nice thing about chartering a sailboat is that you can catch the good fresh breeze for sailing, and also catch some really nice fish, and even hook up with one of the morrings on the many stellar reefs throughout the Fabulous Florida Keys.

So surf the web for those outstanding chater boats and yachts, or even the boat rentals in south Florida, and make your reservations for your days out on the beautiful caribbean like waters of south Florida TODAY!

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El Capitan on August 9th, 2011

Why take a boating class? I have been boating all my life. I should know everything I need to know to go cruising, no? Do I need a capitan’s license?

The answer to your first question is that taking a boating class like this one www.trawlerschoolcharters.com/blog       is SUPER fun, and full of a waterworld of helpful experiences, information and knowledge.

The answer to your next 2 questions is no & no.

Just because you have been boating forever does not mean that you have the knowlegde, nor experience to cruise on a trawler. And, no, you don’t need a captain’s license.

These classes: www.trawlerschoolcharters.com/blog   are conducted by a highly qualified,  kowledgeable, and friendly, with years of  experience as a U.S.C.G. licensed Instructer. Don’t miss the cruising class of a lifetime.

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El Capitan on November 23rd, 2010

If you are cruising south and you are anywhere close to the Georgia – Florida state line

(JaxBoating.net) >> http://www.jacksonville-boating.com/

around November 25th, you must have Thanksgiving Dinner in St Marys, GA. Point your bow into the St. Marys river, drop the hook, tie up to the docks, or ease into a slip in the marina and prepare to have an awesome time, with some of the most Wonderful people on this planet, and share in an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner meal with all the cruisers and the precious town’s people of St. Mary’s, GA. It is one of the preferred destinations on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. on the autumn, southern migration route down the eastern seaboard of the U.S..

Just bring a dish, your salty cruising tales and fish stories, and plan on having a laid back blast, south Georgia style.

St. Marys, GA is one of the sweetest little inland coastal towns in this country. She seems to be frozen in time yet still up with the 21st century in many ways. Super nice and the people there seem to be angelic.

We will see you all there.

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The wind is right. You can sail away and find serenity. Sailing, fishing, wake boarding, kite boarding, etc. it is all year round in south Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and beyond. I really enjoyed the Canary Islands as much as anywhere in the world that I have ever been. The wind is always steady, 15 – 25mph the temperature is perfect all year; “the land of eternal spring.” The waves are cranking somewhere close by and fish are always biting the right bait. LOL

It is time to head south and catch the big Yellow Fin Tuna, hook up to the moorings on Sombrero Reef, cross the pond and cruise the Great Bahamas Bank. Take to the thornless path and on to dominican Republic. If you ever leave there it’s okay there is more to paradise than the Dominican.

Before you head off into paradise you really should hang in south Florida for a while.

Ft. Lauderdale Beach is so fun and the mooring field there is really very reasonable at only $30 a night and right across the Intracoastal waterway from the Fort Lauderdale Beach. Then you must hang in both Miami Beach and Coconut Grove for a while. Play some golf and at least provision the boat at Costco south of Aventura before heading on to the Keys. You can practically pull your yacht right up to the parking lot of Costco the in north Miami.

Head on down and do some fishing and diving on your way to Boot Key Harbor, Marathon or Garrison Bight, Key West to wait for the south wind to flatten the Gulf Stream then jump off at sunset. You will sight the Bahamas around sunrise and your days in paradise will be slow and relaxed.

South Florida is the place to start and now the best moorings, anchorages and shops to provision are all accessible in south Florida. Most of the mooring fields have wifi and most have a launch and pump out service from Dinner Key Marina to Garrison Bight, Key West.

The ocean is our playground and the earth is our classroom. ha lel u YaH !!

Fair winds and following seas, and keep the lines tight mates.

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