Ft Lauderale Artificial Reefs - Recifos Artificiales en Ft. Lauderdale

Many different species of fish can be caught over or near artificial reefs. Reefs deeper than 200' are especially productive for large pelagic predators. Anglers can find amberjack, black, gag, warsaw, snowy grouper and giant jewfish among the reefs. Anglers should remember that grouper are very slow growing fish and conservation of this species is critical.

You do not need to be directly on top of a reef to benefit from it. Many species, including sailfish, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, mutton snapper, and cobia use the artificial reefs as the center of their feeding forays. Cold, plankton-rich waters are forced by the Gulf Stream  up and over the top of the wreck. Often, in strong currents, an eddy can be seen on the surface, down current from an artificial reef. Gamefish often lurk in this "disturbed" water, feeding on baitfish and pelagic crustaceans.

Compiled from a publication published by the Broward County Dept. of Natural Resource Protection, Biological Resource Division, Marine Resources Section, "Broward County's Reefs and their Locations." as well as updates from Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations, and various other online and print sources.  For more information 954-519-1230.

Broward County Artificial Reef Locations

County Reef Site Reef Name Latitude Longitude

Water depth in feet

Broward Deerfield Beach Ancient Mariner N26 18.117' W80 03.745' 70'
Broward Ft. Lauderdale Jim Atria N26 09.870' W80 04.225 120'
Broward Ft. Lauderdale Bill Boyd N26 09.088' W80 03.842' 265'
Broward Pompano Rodeo  Boating Magazine Wildlife Forever N26 14.056' W80 03.666' 156'
Broward Pompano Rodeo Caicos Express N26 12.502' W80 03.663' 240'
Broward Pompano Rodeo Corey and Chris N26 13.863' W80 03.432' 244
Broward Hollywood/ Hallandale Cruz del Sur N26 58.167' W80 04.637' 230'
Broward Pompano Rodeo Captain Dan N26 13.857' W80 04.027' 110'
Broward Pompano Rodeo Jay Dorman   N26 13.857' W80 04.027' 78'
Broward Pompano Rodeo Fishamerica/Jim Torgerson N26 13.642' W80 03.896' 115'
Broward Grady Barges N29 06.764' W80 04.228' 191'
Broward Ft. Lauderdale Grouper Grotto N26 08.382' W80 04.328' 146
Broward Ft. Lauderdale Hog Heaven N26 08.102' W80 04.786' 65'
Broward Hollywood Hollywood Reef N26 00.601 W80 05.599' 70'
Broward Deerfield Beach Hydro Atlantic N26 19.500' W80 03.043' n/a
Broward Pompano Rodeo