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Fort Lauderdale Offshore Fishing Report
Offshore fishing report for Ft. Lauderdale

By Capt. David Ide
Posted Friday, August 9, 2013

Fort Lauderdale Offshore Fishing Report
Photo: Capt. David Ide All rights reserved

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Lady Pamela II ended the month of July with one of the best fishing days this summer. A group of tourists from France were on board today for a six hour charter. Things got moving quickly as we hooked up and released a sailfish on the troll just outside of Port Everglades inlet. Right after that we landed three kingfish in a row, up to 20 lbs. It was obvious that the reef edge off Ft. Lauderdale was exploding with action today, as our anglers reeled in bonito after bonito. There were a few blackfin tunas that got into the mix as well.

Toward the end of the trip we moved offshore and set out a few fresh bonitos for sharkfishing. Within twenty minutes we hooked a monster bull shark that really tested our crew at the end of the trip. It was a great catch and release for our friends from France, and a perfect way to round out the day.

July 27, 2013

Captain Darin and Chris had some good fishing aboard the Lady Pamela II under beautiful sunny skies off Ft. Lauderdale. Robert from North Carolina had an exciting offshore experience, reeling in a nice wahoo, some kingfish, and even a couple of blackfin tunas.

The Saturday night anchor trip on the Lady Pamela III driftboat was a snapper fiesta, with 8 anglers bringing in 80 snappers. This busy group of fishermen caught yellowtail, grey snappers, and a few mutton snappers.

July 28, 2013

Today JJ and I were aboard the Lady Pamela II and set out for some snapper fishing. We touted this to our charter because the LPIII had enjoyed such great success with snappers the night before. Surprisingly, we couldn't get a snapper to bite! Sometimes that is just the way fishing goes. We quickly re-rigged though, and started to troll the reef edge. Now we got into the fish, as anglers Mark and Lynn caught 20 bonitos. These bonitos make prime shark bait so we moved further offshore and rigged a couple of fresh bonitos for sharkfishing. In two hours we lost four sharks before finally getting a solid hookup. Mark and Lynn wrapped up their trip with a nice-sized sandbar shark. Way to go!

July 25, 2013

Sportfishing on the Lady Pamela II was a mixed bag today with fish caught both on the troll and on the bottom. The kingfish and a few small blackfin tunas found our seawitch feathers irresistible as we trolled along the reef edge in 100 feet of water. We then re-rigged for bottomfishing and caught a few vermillion snappers and a yelloweye snapper. Our surprise catches of the day were a nice hog snapper and a huge lionfish. Good-eating hog snappers, which are really in the wrasse family, usually don't take cut baits, and the lionfish are an invasive exotic species from the Pacific that we have never caught on rod and reel. Though their fins are venomous,
lionfish meat is very tasty so we filleted it up for dinner. Our anglers sure got to bring home some exotic fare today!

July 26, 2013

Today mate Jake and I had a great trip on the Lady Pamela II with Paul and his family from Dallas, Texas. We caught some kingfish up to 20 lbs and some bonitos, but Pauls' goal was to catch a really big fish. I moved the boat out to about 400 feet of water and Jake put out a few big baits hoping to catch a sea monster. After about 45 minutes we got the bite and Paul did battle with one of the biggest nurse sharks I have
ever seen. This fish was 8.5 feet long, and had to go over 200 lbs. Great catch!

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