The cost for repairing your vessel can be much lower even with the price of parts going up. Whether you are just polishing & detailing the exterior of your yacht, or changing the engine oil and filters, or even replacing the engine itself, there are lower priced parts to be found.

If you need rubbing compound or dock lines, life jackets or hose clamps, prices seem to be getting steadily higher. Some prices are even jumping up 50% from one day to the next.

It is fairly common knowledge that regular yacht or boat maintenance will help lower, and may even eliminate yacht or boat repair costs. The challenge is actually keeping up with the yacht maintenance regularly.

There are some companies here in south Florida with highly skilled maintenance & repair personnel that are very reasonably priced, that can help lower, and possibly eliminate the repairs needed on your vessel. Some of these companies will come to where your yacht or boat is located. The following links will take you to some web pages that have the contact information, and website links, for several maintenance and repair companies:

More and more private individuals, and even boat parts and yacht repair companies are opening Ebay “stores,” or just listing boat and yacht parts on line on Ebay at very reasonable prices. Craigs List is also a very web site to check for the boat parts and/or yacht maintenance products that you need. You can just put a key word description of your part or product that you need into the Ebay or CraigsList search bar, or even put the exact part number in the search bar. Some Ebay sellers will negotiate or take a “best offer” which may be a very low price, and even incredibly low compare to the parts store down the road, at the marina or boat yard, and especially compared to a dealer’s price:

Boat Motor Parts on Ebay – Click Here

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