The beauty of fishing in Florida for me is that here in south Florida the Gulf Stream is just a couple of miles offshore here in Ft. Lauderdale, and therefore the Gulf Stream is just minutes away from many of our marinas and anchorages here. Even on a sailboat we can cruise out Port Everglades Inlet and be in the Gulf Stream in just an hour or less, most of the time.

The Gulf Stream is teaming with fun to catch, and good to eat, game fish most of the time, year round. It is always good to know where the fish are migrating and moving to, and the most effective ways to catch the fish you desire, so a commercial fishing charter captain or fishing guide is worth the money. The sportfishing charter business is huge and very competitive in Florida, especially in south Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. Here on we have many charter companies and captains’ information, and websites listed:

Besides the offshore and Gulf Stream sportfishing, here in south Florida we also have Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon, Bass, etc. trophy fish teaming inshore all over Florida. Many times with these fish you don’t have to leave the comfort and protection of the marsh, rivers and creeks. For many of these inland, in shore fish you don’t even need a boat. You can catch these fish and have a blast doing it from the shore.

Catching some of these fish may even be profitable for the angler. Watch the short video below:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists are now marking Large Mouth Bass greater than 8 pounds with a dart tag, and anglers can redeem tags for a cash reward. The data will be used to evaluate statewide average catch and harvest rates of trophy Bass and to make better management decisions to increase trophy catches. Multiple tagging studies are conducted by several different agencies. Not all tags can be returned for a cash reward, but all tag information is of scientific value and it highly recommended for the betterment of the fishing to increase that an angler report all tagged fish caught, please.

The wire tagging begins when a biologist measures a Florida Large Mouth Bass. Next the biologist inserts a dart tag under the scales and anchors it behind some small bones in the back of the fish. Anglers who catch a fish with a yellow dart tag, should please call 850-363-6037, with all of the information. (Their name and contact info, the tag number, where the fish was caught, the bass’ length – and if available, girth and weight – the date caught, and whether it was released) The tagging and rewards are happening now, but the FWC is constantly working to improve your Bass fishing. So beginning in October, 2012 log on to TrophyCatchFlorida .com for an exciting new angler recognition program!

So please, keep our waters clean. Be a responsible and mature fisherman, yachtsman, sailor and mariner, and get outside and have fun!

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