South Florida is going through some chilling changes and not everyone, or everything, is responding well to them. Temperatures have been averaging from the mid fifties to the low sixties for the past week and a half, and water temperatures have dropped to as low as 50 degrees in some areas of Ft Lauderdale and Miami. For a list of the best Sport Fishing charter boats in Ft Lauderdale click here >

As I post this report another major cold front is occuring in south Florida. To read some up to date fishing reports from Ft Lauderdale, click here >

 This front may be the coldest in many years and how our marine life adapt to the sudden drops in water temperatures remains to be seen. As of yesterday, some reports of fish kills from the cold were the worst to be reported in decades. This happens when unsuspecting fish get caught in waters that have no escape to deeper, warmer water, and they lose their ability to flee quickly enough and become stunned by the cold and die. Because of these factors fishing guides should adjust thier fishing destinations to take advantage of the fish that can handle the colder temperatures. Keep the line tight, mates, and have fun!

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